Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gat hering software. Information on course and event venues
Sat 14 Midlands EMF Warwick. Renaissance music for Epiphany for voices (David Allinson)
Sat 14 North West EMF Morley Green. Music of Hieronymous Praetorius (Roger Wilkes)
Mon 16 London, St Sepulchre’s, EC1A 2DQ. Renaissance Singers workshop for singers. Music for Maximilian by Senfl & Isaac (Deborah Roberts)
17-19 Jackdaws. Workshop for singers & accompanists on lute or guitar (Evelyn Tubb & Michael Fields)
19/20-22 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque chamber music A=415 (Theresa Caudle etc)
Sat 21 Thames Valley EMF Oxford. Workshop for singers (John Milsom) n.wilson-smith*
Sat 21 North East EMF. Playing dance music (Lizzie Gutteridge)
Sat 21 Wigmore Hall Come and sing Dido & Aeneas (Isabelle Adams)
Sat 21 North West EMF singing day. Vivaldi
Sun 22 London, St Pancras Church Hall, 1 Lancing Street (opposite the eastern entrance to Euston Station and to the rear of the Royal George pub), 2-5pm. Natural trumpet workshop (Katie Hodges) bill.tuck*
23-26 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting Viols
Sat 28 South West EMF Glastonbury. ‘Something borrowed’, refashioning in the golden age of English church music, for singers (Peter Syrus)
3-5 Hawkwood College. Antico e Moderno – Italian madrigals for confident singers (James Weeks)
Sat 4 Southern EMF The Secrets of Our Hearts. English music of the Restoration by Purcell, Croft & Blow for voices & instruments (Stephen Devine & Kate Semmens) purcell* (01622 859693)
Sat 4 Midlands EMF string workshop - Muffatt (Nicolette Moonen)
Sat 4 North East EMF Handel funeral anthem workshop for voices & instruments (George Kennaway)
Sat 4 Border Marches EMF workshop for instrumentalists (Alison Kinder)
Sat 4 London, St Peter’s Church, Black Lion Lane, Hammersmith, W6 9BE, 2-6pm. Thomas Tallis: Singing Workshop. Led by Rory McCleery of The Marian Consort. Information and tickets
Sat 4 London, St Sepulchre’s, Newgate St, EC1A 9DE. Come and sing Monteverdi Vespers with EBC (Jeremy Jackman)
Sat 4 London, St Gabriel’s church, Pimlico 11am to 4pm. Siglo de Oro Workshop - A Burning Desire for the Heavenly Kingdom: Music of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation by Goudimel, Sheppard, de Kerle, Tye and Palestrina. £30 from
10-12 Tallis Festival. Sing Monteverdi, Tallis, Mozart and Schoenberg. Please book now so that music can be ordered. Rehearsals leading to a concert at St Andrew Holborn Circus at 7.30 on the Sunday (James Jarvis) alison.benbow*
Sat 11 Oxford, St Andrew’s, Linton Road. Come and Sing Victoria Requiem (David Crown) info*
Sat 11 North West EMF Lancaster. Agony and Ecstasy. Music of the Song of Solomon & The Sibylline Prophecies, for singers (Alistair Dixon)
13-17 Canterbury Cathedral. Liturgical Music Course (Alistair Dixon)
17-19 Jackdaws. Renaissance Musick for Court & City for cornett, sackbut, shawm, dulcian, recorder & crumhorn (William Lyons)
Sat 18 North West EMF Music of the Song of Solomon and Sibylline Prophecies (Alistair Dixon)
Sun 19 London, St Pancras Church Hall, 1 Lancing Street (opposite the eastern entrance to Euston Station and to the rear of the Royal George pub), 2-5pm. Natural trumpet workshop (Katie Hodges) bill.tuck*
20-22 Benslow Music Trust. From Piano to Harpsichord (Penelope Cave)
20-22 Halsway Manor. Real Roots! (Piva)
24-26 Hawkwood College. Viol consorts (Jane Francis, David Hatcher)
Sat 25 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Renaissance playing and singing day (David Fletcher)
Sat 4 Border Marches EMF Yarpole Village Hall. Will Kempe’s Nine-Days’ Wonder for singers & instrumentalists (Alison Kinder)
Sat 4 South West EMF Gloucester. Music for renaissance wind band (Tim Bayley)
Sat 4 North East EMF Newcastle. Small groups day
6-9 Benslow Music Trust. Exploring 18thC English comic opera (Zak Osmo, Emma Kirkby & Dionysius Kyropoulos)
10-12 Benslow Music Trust. West Gallery Music (Francis Roads)
Sat 11 Thames Valley EMF workshop for singers on the death of Prince Henry in 1612 and the outpouring of grief and musical settings which followed, including motets by Weelkes, Tomkins and Ramsay (Patrick Craig)
Sat 18 North West EMF Didsbury. Alternatively . . Giovanni Gabrieli + AGM (Peter Syrus)
Sat 18 Eastern EMF 16th century canons from facsimile (John Milsom) ebsarewitz*
Sat 18 Southern EMF Clapham nr Worthing. Vices & viols (Alison Kinder)
Sat 18 Midlands EMF Birmingham. Josquin, Dufay & Ockeghem for voices (Andrew Kirkman)
19-24 Andrew van der Beek (Ghislaine Morgan)
23/24-26 Benslow Music Trust. Lutefest
24-26 Higham Hall viol consort weekend (Elizabeth Dodd) admin*
24-31 Recorders for All Easter course
Sat 25 South West EMF West Bay. Music from the Spanish Golden Age for voices & instruments (Frances Eustace)
Sun 26 Thames Valley EMF/Baroque Week. Burnham baroque chamber music day (Peter Collier) (0161 281 2502) p.b.collier*
25-26 London, Cecil Sharp House. Conference on the History of the Morris in Britain
1-6 Oxford. Chalemie Easter School of early Music Easter School – early instruments, singing, dance, commedia etc
1-7 Ascot Easter Early Music Course
17-23 Benslow Music Trust. Handel: Athalia (A=415)
Sat 22 Thames Valley EMF workshop for voices and instruments (Andrew Griffiths) details later
Sat 22 Midlands EMF Monteverdi the Sacred Dramatist (Justin Doyle)
Sat 22 North West EMF Early 16th century vocal music for recorders - Josquin, Senfl, Clemens etc (Grace Coleman)
Sun 23 North East EMF annual day out at Temple Newsam, Leeds
Sun 23 Tewkesbury viol workshop (Simone Eckert) oldchapelcourt*
24-27 Benslow Music Trust. Gregorian chant for all (John Rowlands-Pritchard)
Sat 29 Southern EMF Bosham, West Sussex. Song of Songs workshop (Deborah Roberts)
29-1 Sherborne Early Music workshop weekend – Pearls from the Venetian Renaissance. A 3-day course for voices and instruments focussing on music from the golden age of Venetian polyphony culminating in a free open performance at 4.30pm on Monday 1st May as part of the Sherborne Abbey Festival (Uri Smilansky & Emily White) info*
5-7 Benslow Music Trust. Expressive harpsichord playing (Penelope Cave)
5-7 Benslow Music Trust. Bach concertos on modern string instruments (Judy Tarling)
Sat 6 Southern EMF Upland Primary School, Bexleyheath. Renaissance flute workshop A=440 (Clare Beesley) treasurer* in February
Sat 6 Border Marches EMF Hereford. Princely Splendour (rare choral works from 18th Century Rome) workshop for singers (Peter Leech)
Sat 6 Midlands EMF The Catholic Kings – Songs of the early Spanish Renaissance (Richard Wilberforce)
12-14 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & viols (Alison Crum & Peter Syrus)
Sat 13 Eastern EMF/Thames Valley EMF joint event (Philip Thorby) ebsarewitz*
Sat 13 North West EMF Morley Green. Medieval workshop (Rachel Davies)
22-25 Benslow Music Trust. Venetian Music for voices & brass (Peter Bassano & Jeremy West)
26-28 Benslow Music Trust. Now is the Month of Maying – early European part songs (Sara Stowe)
Sat 27 Southern EMF Challock, Kent. “Oranges and Clemens” - a view of the Hapsburg empire through the eyes of Clemens non Papa, Morales, Cotes, Guerrero, Charles V, and Phillip II (Will Dawes)
29-1 Hawkwood College. Artist residency for singers, for advanced students and young professionals (Emma Kirkby and David Miller)
Sat 3 North West EMF Lancaster Priory. Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 (Justin Doyle)
Sat 3 Midlands EMF Loughborough. Workshop for voices (Andrew Carwood)
4-11 Run by Singers. Krakow (Patrick Craig)
11-17 Andrew van der Beek Monteconero (JanJoost van Elsburg)
17-24 Run by Singers. Early Music in Antwerp for more advanced singers (David Skinner)
Sun 25 Border Marches EMF workshop for singers and instrumentalists (Steven Devine and Kate Semmens)
26-29 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque string orchestra (A=415) (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Robin Bigwood)
Sat 8 Eastern EMF polyphony singing day (David Allinson)
Sat 8 South West EMF ‘Analytical’ choral workshop (Peter Leech)
8-16 Warsaw 24th International Summer Academy of Early Music
10-12 Benslow Music Trust. Trio Sonatas with De Camera (A=415)
10-14 Run by Singers. Barcelona (Jeremy Jackson)
16-21 Benslow Music Trust. International Viol Summer School
23-29 Gloucester, Wotton House, Horton Road GL1 3PT. Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals, recorders, strings etc. “Holy Week” (Philip Thorby & David Hatcher) (01989 218432/01452 668592) earlymusic*
25-29 Lythe, North Yorkshire Coast. Lythe Chamber Music Summer Course with Ensemble DeNOTE for students, teachers & amateur musicians grade 6 upwards. Individual tuition on fortepiano, harpsichord, clavichord; early woodwinds and strings & Keyboard maintenance sessions with Johannes Secker (John Irving, Jane Booth etc) Admin*
29-5 NORVIS XLVII. NORVIS is an annual week-long early music summer course in Durham. We specialise in viols, recorders, lutes, baroque strings, harpsichord and voices, and cover a wide range of repertoire from early renaissance to late baroque
30-2 Hawkwood College. Monteverdi Madrigals (Robert Hollingworth)
30-6 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School. The Monteverdi Legacy: Venetian music from Monteverdi to Vivaldi (Peter Holman & The Parley of Instruments)
5-12 Run by Singers Assisi summer school – Renaissance polyphony (David Skinner)
6-12 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School. Made in Venice: Willaert, de Rore, Ganassi & Bassano, masters of the 16th century (Philip Thorby and Friends)
11-13 Hawkwood College. Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 for singers (Gavin Carr)
13-19 Higham Hall Early Music Summer School (017687 76276) info*
13-20 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham nr Reading. Baroque Week (mainly A=415) “Rameau’s Revolution” plus chamber music from any country. (Theresa Caudle, Jane Francis, Chris Bucknall, Ann Allen, Rachel Latham, Satoko Doi-Luck & Amanda Babington) mail*
7-10 Medieval Music in the Dales
Sat 9 South West EMF West Bay. Workshop for voices & instruments
Sat 23 South West EMF workshop for voices & instruments on music of the Thirty Years War (Gawain Glenton)
25-29 Run by Singers. The Glory of Venice
24-26 Hawkwood College. Recorder weekend for experienced players (Piers Adams)
Sun 17 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby) secretary*
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