Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gathering software. Information on course and event venues
5-12 Triora Musica Baroque strings for baroque & modern strings (Julia Bishop)
8-12 Brielle. Run by Singers (Jeremy Jackman)
Sun 12 South West EMF Gloucester. Dialogues of Sorrow - music for the death of Prince Henry (Gabriel Crouch)
12-19 Burgos Run by Singers (David Skinner)
13-16 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque string orchestra (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Alastair Ross)
15-19 Burgos. Run by Singers (David Skinner)
Sat 18 North West EMF Clemens non Papa (Stephen Rice)
Sat 18 Midlands EMF Polychoral Tour of Europe for voices, viols & recorders (Alison Kinder)
19-25 Andrew van der Beek. Monteconero music party for invited singers (Eamonn Dougan)
Sat 25 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham. Portuguese penitential masterpieces, for singers (David Allinson) There is still room for tenors, altos and a few basses n.wilson-smith*
Sat 25 Southern EMF Easebourne Priory nr. Midhurst. Workshop for voices and instruments on music from the 30 Years War (Gawain Glenton) mary*
25-3 Triora Musica. Early Opera. Francesca Caccini: La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola di Alcina
26-2 Andrew van der Beek. Music at Monteconero (Patrick Craig)
Wed 29 London, British Library, Foyle Room. Study day: Musicians, publishers and pirates of the mid-Baroque. Entry free but please reserve a place by emailing Laura.VenturaNieto.2012*
Sat 2 North East EMF Nurnthorpe York. Glees and Catches for singers and instrumentalists (Chris Price)
Sat 2 St Peter’s Church, Horningsea, near Cambridge, CB25 9JQ. Viols workshop with Amit Tiefenbrunn Eastern Early Music Forum
3-10 Triora Musica. Suora Anonima - Renaissance Polyphony from an Italian convent, for women singers (Laurie Strass & Deborah Roberts)
Sat 9 10.00am - 5.25pm. St George's Metropolitan Cathedral, Westminster Bridge Road, Southwark, London, SE1 7HY. Academy of St Cecilia - Music from the Song of Solomon Directed by David Allinson. 07798 791617 or email: enquiries*
9-10 Sherborne Early Music - So That’s Early Music? An introductory weekend workshop which aims to give a musical overview of 1000 years ranging from early chant to 14th/15th century (Uri Smilansky) (repeat) info*
10-13 Hawkwood College. Madrigals and motets (Andrew Griffiths)
10-15 Benslow Music Trust. International viol summer school (Alison Crum, Ibi Aziz, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland)
11-14 Morley College Advanced Harpsichord Course. This advanced course involves discussion of techniques and interpretation of music within the early music sound-world. Repertoire to be studied: J.S. Bach - 6 French Suites BWV 812 – 817 (Katarzyna Kowalik). music*
Sat 16 Morley College Baroque Ensemble Course. A summer workshop for proficient players of Baroque instruments and singers to explore repertoire and performance styles from the late 17th and 18th centuries (Ibi Aziz). music*
Sat 16 Thames Valley EMF Oxford Quaker Meeting Room. Monteverdi/Gombert for voices and instruments (Patrick Allies) treasurer*
Sat 16 Midlands EMF Renaissance Fest for voices & viols n.trusselle* (0121 777 1288)
17-23 Wilderness Centre, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire. Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals, recorders, strings etc. Celebrate Christmas - in July! A feast of music from Advent to Epiphany by 16th & 17th C composers from all over Europe, to include Schütz: Christmas Story. The course will end with a “Banchetto Musicale” - Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, punctuated by Christmas songs & instrumental music (Philip Thorby & David Hatcher) (01989 218432/01452 668592) earlymusic*
18-19 Morley College Renaissance Ensemble Course. Suitable for intermediate and advanced players of early period instruments such as trombone, cornet, shawm, viols, early violins, recorders, crumhorns, lute, and harpsichord (Peter Wendland). music*
Sat 23 South West EMF Corsham. Vocal music from the court of Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart, brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Peter Leech)
23-28 Spain. Early Music Morella medieval and renaissance music course
30-6 Durham. NORVIS XLVI. Classes for recorder, viol, lute, harpsichord, singing and baroque strings (new tutor this year: Oliver Webber) for participants of all ages and experience, tutored by leading early music performers. Wide variety of ensemble work, including choir and baroque orchestra: concerts and lecture-recitals. Generous bursaries available. enquiries* tel Harriet Gilfillan 07736 108771
30-6 Beverley. Recorder Summer School 31-7 cemss.orgCambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School, Jesus College. The Spanish Baroque World: Spain, Naples and the Netherlands. Peter Holman, Judy Tarling, Mark Caudle, Gail Hennessy, Philip Thorby)
7-13 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School, Jesus College. Los Reyes Catolicos: Music from the Courts and Chapels of sixteenth-century Spain (Philip Thorby, David Hatcher, Emma Murphy, Lynda Sayce, Frances Eustace)
7-14 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham. The Baroque Week (Theresa Caudle, Ann Allen, Clare Beesley, Christopher Bucknall and Jane Francis mail*
7-14 Assisi. Run by Singers (David Skinner)
7-14 Clitheroe. Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society summer school for musicians and dancers
13-20 Irish Recorder and Viol course (Ibi Aziz, Marion Doherty, Pamela Flanagan, Emma Murphy, Marion Scott, Philip Thorby)
14-20 Ludlow. Andrew van der Beek. Monteverdi: 1610 Vespers (JanJoost van Elsburg)
15-19 Scarborough. HISS Historically Informed Summer School hissenquiries*
16-20 Avila, Spain. Tallis Scholars summer school info*
21-28 Dresden. Run by Singers (Jeremy Jackman)
22-24 London, Friends Meeting House, Winchmore Hill. London Baroque Flute Days
26-28 Cheltenham, Dean Close School. Summer Recorder Festival (01752 481193) jan.epps57*
27-3 La Maison Verte. 600 years of choral music from the early renaissance to the present day (Will Dawes and Francis Steele)
2-4 Bolton Castle. Medieval Music in the Dales weekend of workshops and concerts medievalmusicinthedales*
3-11 Triora Musica. Renaissance Polyphony Palestrina & the Roman School for experienced choir singers (Deborah Roberts)
4-9 Andrew van der Beek. Trogir (Croatia) Music Week (Erik Van Nevel)
9-11 Cambridge choral liturgy weekend for singers neiled11*
Sat 10 South West EMF West Bay. Workshop based on Sir William Leighton’s The Teares and Lamentations of a Sorrowfull Soule (1614) for voices & instruments (Clare Griffel)
11-15 Leiston Abbey, Suffolk. Pro Corda Conservatoire Baroque course for modern and historical woodwind, string and keyboard players. Pitches: A 415 and 440. Instrumental classes and chamber music. (Adrian Butterfield - violin, Sarah MacMahon - cello, James Johnstone hpschd, Rachel Brown - flute and recorder)
Sat 17 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham. 1535 - a year in the life of Pierre Attaingnant, for voices & instruments (Peter Syrus) jeffgill9160*
Sat 17 Southern EMF Clapham and Patching, W.Sussex. Workshop for voices and instruments on the music of Cererols (Deborah Roberts) patstewart.semf*
Sat 17 North West EMF Dido (John Hancorn)
Sat 24 London, St Mary's Church, Battersea Church Road SW11 3NA. Platinum Consort Consort workshop. Thomas Tallis Spem In Alium
Sat 24 Border Marches EMF Stockenny (Justin Doyle)
Sat 24 Midlands EMF workshop for voices & instruments (Graham O’Reilly)
Sat 24 South West EMF baroque chamber music playing day
7-10 Fort Belan. Voices and viols weekend (Ibi Aziz and Clare Wilkinson) fortbelanearlymusic*
Sat 8 Thames Valley EMF Ealing. Le Jeu de Robin by Adam de la Halle and associated music a workshop for singers and medieval instruments (Sara Stowe) kategordon1001*
Sat 15 London, St Mary's Church, Battersea Church Road SW11 3NA. Platinum Consort Consort workshop. Handel: excerpts from Israel in Egypt.
Sat 15 North West EMF Polychoral workshop (Alison Kinder)
16-23 Gozo. Run by Singers skills-based workshop (Deborah Roberts & Ghislane Morgan)
22-23 Midlands EMF (Philip Thorby)
Sun 23 Border Marches EMF dance workshop (Ricardo Barros)
26-30 Venice. Run by Singers (Colin Durrant)
Sat 29 Southern EMF Peerson day (Robert Hollingsworth)
Sat 5 North West EMF Peerson workshop (Robert Hollingworth and Richard Boothby)
Sun 6 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Baroque Chamber Music playing day (Victoria Helby) secretary*
Sat 12 Midlands EMF Martin Peerson - Grave Chamber Musique of 1630 (Richard Rastall et al)
Sat 19 Border Marches EMF/SWEMF Gloucester workshop for voices & instruments (David Allinson)
25-27 Hawkwood College. Recorder weekend (Piers Adams)
Sat 26 North West EMF Changing Chords (Morris Davies)
Sun 11 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (James Weeks) secretary*
Sat 21 Thames Valley EMF Oxford. Workshop for singers (John Milsom)
Sat 4 Southern EMF Purcell & his contemporaries for voices & instruments (tbc) (Stephen Devine & Kate Semmens)
Sun 17 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby) secretary*
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