Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gathering software. Information on course and event venues
Sun 14 York, National Centre for Early Music. Workshop for singers with members of Stile Antico. Pastores quidnam vidistis
Sat 13 North East EMF Huddersfield. Praetorius (John Bryan)
Sun 14 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas in Rome for singers & instruments David Allinson) secretary*
27-1 Andrew van der Beek Winter School at Ludlow (Robert Hollingworth)
5-8 Benslow Music Trust. Late starter recorders (Evelyn Nallen)
8 /9-11 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque chamber music A=415(Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Stephen Preston, Alastair Ross
Sat 10 Midlands EMF New Year Revels (David Hatcher)
Sat 17 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham URC. Hieronymus Praetorius for singers & instruments (Patrick Allies) treasurer* (020 8346 4759)
Sat 17 South Woodford, London E18. Workshop: Bach St. Matthew Passion (Christine Gwynn) (020 8504 1261)
Sat 17 Midlands EMF New Year Revels (David Hatcher)
Sun 18 North East EMF York. Renaissance big band workshop (Tim Bailey)
19-22 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting viols (Alison Crum & Roy Marks)
Sat 24 Southern EMF Mouslecoomb consort day
Mon 26 London, St Sepulchre-without-Newgate, 7-9.30pm. Renaissance Singers open workshop - The Blossoming Vine (Eammon Dougan)
Sat 31 North West EMF Sacred music by Schein (Peter Syrus)
Sat 7 North East EMF Vivaldi: Gloria (Christopher Roberts)
Sat 7 South West EMF Purcell & Monteverdi for voices & strings
20-22 Benslow Music Trust Choral Trail - from Purcell and Bach to Britten (Julian Williamson)
Sat 21 Benslow Music Trust. Practical harpsichord tuning (Andrew Wooderson)
Sat 21 North West EMF Austrian Baroque - Biber & Fux (Paul Spicer)
26 /27-2 Benslow Music Trust. Lutefest (
Sat 28 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Renaissance playing/singing day (David Fletcher) david*
MARCH 2015
Fri 6 Oxford Faculty of Music, 2-4.30. Editing the Baldwin Partbooks (Prof. Owen Rees & Dr Magnus Williamson with 5 singers from Contrapunctus). See Concerts for related concert on Saturday 7th.
Sat 7 Midlands EMF Palestrina for voices (Nigel Short)
Sat 7 North East EMF York. Missa L’homme armé for singers & instrumentalists (Robert Hollingworth)
9-12 Benslow Music Trust. Spring recorders (Sandra Foxall & Alyson Lewin)
13-15 Oxford, Faculty of Music. Workshop/Conference “Towards a Global History of Music” Topical encounters and rhetorics of identity in Latin American art music (free) marie- alice.frappat*
Sat 14 Headington, Oxford. Thames Valley EMF Byrd Great Service (part) for singers (John Milsom) n.wilson-smith*
Sat 21 Benslow Music Trust. Choruses from Acis & Galatea (David Roblou)
Sat 21 North West EMF Verse anthems (Bill Hunt)
Sat 28 Border Marches EMF (Sally Dunkley)
APRIL 2015
5-10 Andrew van der Beek voice workshop at Corsham (Ghislaine Morgan)
6-12 Benslow Music Trust baroque opera course. Handel: Acis and Galatea
Sat 11 Southern EMF Choral workshop with David Allinson at St. Gregory’s, Canterbury, Kent (not Challock this year). Surrexit pastor bonus - The good shepherd is risen! A day of joyful Easter motets and anthems including settings by Palestrina, Victoria and Lhéritier. richard.j.whitehouse*
Sat 18 North West EMF Didsbury. Purcell: King Arthur (John Hancorn)
Sat 25 Midlands EMF Solihull. Schütz for voices and instruments, in honour of Edwin Griggs (Paul Spicer)
Sat 25 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Baroque chamber music playing day. Joint event with the Baroque Week. (Peter Collier) (0161 281 2502) p.b.collier* DATE TO BE CONFIRMED
Sat 25 South West EMF Clifton. Workshop for singers on early liturgical chant & polyphony (Emma Hornby)
27-30 Benslow Music Trust. Gregorian Chant for All (John Rowlands Pritchard)
MAY 2015
Sun 3 North East EMF York. Workshop for singers & instrumentalists (Philip Thorby)
3-8 Singing in Venice (Chris Watson) Andrew van der Beek
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Made in Britain: a harpsichord course (Penelope Cave)
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque performance on modern string instruments A=440 (Judy Tarling)
Sat 9 Llandrindod Pavilion Border Marches EMF Workshop for singers and instrumentalists on music by Kerll (David Hatcher)
Sat 15 Midlands EMF informal madrigal afternoon. Details later
15-17 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & Viols (Alison Crum & Peter Syrus)
Sat 16 North West EMF Mediaeval polyphony - from organum to Josquin (Don Greig)
16-24 Grado (between Venice and Trieste) Academy Week for singers. Kwallace* (020 3116 3624)
22-24 Benslow Music Trust. West Gallery Music (Francis Roads)
JUNE 2015
Sat 6 Midlands EMF Rigatti etc for voices & instruments (Richard Roddis)
7-13 Monteconero week for singers (Erik Van Nevel) Andrew van der Beek
8-11 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque String Orchestra (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Alastair Ross)
JULY 2015
12-17 Benslow Music Trust. International viol summer school (Alison Crum, Ibi Aziz, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland)
26-1 Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire. Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals, strings etc on the theme of the Three Marys, in settings by 16th and 17th C composers (Philip Thorby and David Hatcher) (01989 218432/01452 68) earlymusic*
1- 8 Durham. NORVIS XLV summer school. Contact enquiries*; tel Jane Beeson 01652 678230
8-15 Baroque Week 2015 at Ardingly, West Sussex (A-415). This year’s theme is The Judgement of Paris. Projects will include material from the three extant operas and other works by the four contestants: Eccles, Finger, Weldon and Daniel Purcell. The tutors (Clare Beesley, Christopher Bucknall, Theresa Caudle, Leo Duarte and Jane Francis) will give a concert of relevant music as well as a series of short talks (01883 344031) info*
9-16 Jimena de la Frontera choral singing week (Justin Doyle) Andrew van der Beek
15-22 Sat 15th – 22nd Irish Recorder Course. Music for recorder, viol and other early instruments, An Grianán, Termonfechin, Eire.
6-12 Trogir singing week (Patrick Craig) Andrew van der Beek
Sat 19 Border Marches EMF Murch Marcle, Herefordshire.
Sat 19 Midlands EMF Josquin for voices (Will Dawes)
Sun 6 TVEMF Amersham. Christmas workshop for voices & instruments (details later) secretary*
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