Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gathering software. Information on course and event venues
18-20 Benslow Music Trust. Harmoniemusic (Boxwood & Brass)
Sat 19 Border Marches EMF Much Marcle, Herefordshire. Monteverdi, Sacred Dramatist, for singers & instrumentalists (Justin Doyle)
Sat 19 Midlands EMF Harborne. De Wert: Ascendite Jesu & Vox in Rama for voices (Will Dawes)
Sat 19 North West EMF Senfl for voices, viols & recorders (Eileen Silcocks)
Sun 20 Benslow Music Trust. Consort Singing Day (Andrew Parnell)
25-27 Cartmel Priory, Cumbria. English Cornett & Sackbutt Ensemble Academy weekend. (Gawain Glenton & Aidan France) info*
25-27 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque (Theresa Caudle & Robin Bigwood)
25-27 Discoed nr. Presteigne. Music in Praetorius’s Northern Germany for singers & players (Philip Thorby & David Hatcher) DiscoedErlyMusic*
Sat 26 Thames Valley EMF Oxford. Sheppard for singers (Justin Doyle) n.wilson-smith* (0208 933 7908)
Sat 26 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 26 North East EMF Newcastle. Reconstructing Tudor Part Books (Magnus Williamson)
Sat 26 South West EMF Cheddar. Baroque playing day (Dick Little & Sylvia Davies)
26-27 EMF of Scotland weekend workshop for singers and instrumentalists (Philip Thorby)
Sun 27 Eastern EMF Jesus College chapel, Cambridge. Workshop to commemorate Selene Mills & Christopher Hogwood. Handel anthems – “The ways of Zion do mourn” and “Let thy hand be strengthened” for singers & baroque orchestra (A=415) (Peter Holman) mike.j.feinson* (01284 701410)
27-30 Cambridge University. Galpin Society conference – Musical Instruments in Science & History
2-4 Farncombe Estate recorder consorts, mainly renaissance & baroque (Andrew Collis)
Sat 3 Midlands EMF Dorridge. Baroque string workshop (A=415) (Kate Fawcett) sheilakoch* (01926 402886)
Sat 10 Thames Valley EMF A Venetian Day. Monteverdi: Dixit Dominus Secondo a 9 & Gabrieli Magnificat a 12 for voices & instruments (Emma Murphy) hugh4*
Sat 10 Border Marches EMF workshop for harpsichord, string & oboe players exploring music by Hereford composer Felton (David Hatcher)
Sat 17 South West EMF Byrd & Josquin workshop for voices, strings & soft wind (Robert Harre-Jones) annhill*
Sat 17 London SW11Platinum Consort workshop. English renaissance madrigals
Sat 17 North West EMF Grappenhall. Music from the court of Henry VIII (Sara Stowe)
Sun 18 Border Marches EMF Choruses from Handel’s Belshazzar for singers (Libby Burgess)
18-25 Granada Run by Singers (Nigel Perrin)
20-22 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting Viols (Alison Crum etc)
22-25 Venice. Run by Singers (Colin Durrant)
23-25 Hawkwood College. Gesualdo 5th book of madrigals, for experienced singers (James Weeks)
Sat 24 Southern EMF Southampton. Eccles: Judgment of Paris (Theresa Caudle)
Sun 25 North East EMF York. AGM & workshop – Early Baroque for Singers & Instrumentalists (Andrew Griffiths)
30-1 Alston Hall viol & recorder courses
Sat 31 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 7 South West EMF Gloucester. Hieronymus Praetorius for singers & instruments (Patrick Allies)
Sun 8 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Baroque chamber music day (Victoria Helby) secretary*
12-14 Greenwich Early Music Festival
Sat 14 Midlands EMF Andrea Gabrieli for voices and instruments (Philip Thorby) mashley256*
Sat 14 North East EMF Leeds. Baroque chamber music workshop (Amélie Addison & Mary Tyers)
Sat 14 Southern EMF Challock. Senfl & his contemporaries for singers & instrumentalists (Kathleen Berg)
Sun 15 Midlands EMF masterclass for preformed groups (Philip Thorby) mashley256*
Thur 19 Oxford, Christ Church. Study day on Music in Print and Manuscript katherine.butler*
20-22 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting viols
Sun 22 Border Marches EMF Eardisland. Music by the Giovanni Gabrieli for instrumentalists (Alison Kinder)
27-29 Hawkwood College. Recorder consorts (Piers Adams)
Sat 28 North West EMF Venetian polychoral music (Jamie Savan)
Sat 28 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sun 29 Bourne End nr. Maidenhead. Thames Valley Baroque Workshop. A Cornucopia of Christmas Concerti by Manfredini, Pez, Torelli and possibly Corelli nherdson*
4-6 Knuston Hall. Lassus (Peter Syrus)
Sat 5 Midlands EMF Leamington Spa. Messiah & Mince Pies (Steve Davis) sue.peters* (0121 453 2898)
Sun 6 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Music for the Christmas season with a pastoral theme, for voices & instruments (Philip Thorby) secretary*
Sat 12 North East EMF York. Puer Natus in Bethlehem (Alison Kinder)
28 -2 Andrew van der Beek Corsham Winter School (Greg Skidmore)
7 /8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque chamber music (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Alastair Ross, Stephen Preston, Kate Latham)
8-10 West Dean. Viol consort music (Alison Crum)
Sat 16 Midlands EMF Halesowen. Sacred music by Gesualdo and others (Robert Hollingworth)
Sat 16 Llandrindod Wells. The Sacred Music of Antonio Lotti, for singers (Ben Byram-Wigfield) (01597 822920) jillclay37*
18-21 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting viols (Alison Crum, Roy Marks)
Sat 23 North West EMF Westhoughton, Lancs. Madrigals for Spring (Martin Westhorp)
25-27 Benslow Music Trust. From Piano to Harpsichord, offering pianists the opportunity to try out the harpsichord (Jane Chapman)
Sat 30 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham. The Byrd-Tomkins Relationship (Stephen Jones) michaelbloom1*
Sat 30 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 30 South West EMF Monteverdi & Josquin
Sat 6 Southern EMF Moulsecoomb nr. Brighton Consort day
Sat 13 Midlands EMF Barnt Green. Choral music from C18 Rome (Peter Leech)
15-18 Benslow Music Trust. Classical Chamber Music (Ensemble DeNote)
19-21 Early music residential weekend (Roger Wilkes) (01565 872650) mostlymusic*
Sat 20 North West EMF Cilcain. Libera nos…libera me (Peter Syrus)
25-28 West Dean. English Art Song 1600-2000 (Evelyn Tubb, Michael Fields, accompanist Clive Pollard)
Sat 27 North East EMF Horsforth. Dance workshop (Ann & Paul Kent)
Sat 27 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sun 28 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Renaissance playing and singing day (David Fletcher)
28 - 5 Andrew van der Beek. Singing in Castara, Tobago (Justin Doyle)
MARCH 2016
Sat 5 North West EMF Music for Lent & Passiontide (Roger Wilkes)
Sat 12 Midlands EMF De Rore & Jacquet for singers (Stephen Rice) n.trusselle* (0121 777 1288)
Sat 12 Border Marches EMF Workshop for singers (Graham Coatman)
17 /18-20Benslow Music Trust. Lutefest in association with the Lute Society
18-20 Alston Hall recorder playing weekend (Ruth Burbidge)
Sat 19 Thames Valley EMF Chiswick. Purcell for voices & instruments (Peter Holman)
29-3 Chalemie Easter School at Oxford
31-7 Hayes Conference Centre Easter recorder course
APRIL 2016
Sat 2 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
2-9 Ascot Easter Early Music Course
3-8 Andrew van der Beek. Corsham voice workshop (Ghislaine Morgan)
4-10 Benslow Music Trust baroque opera: Venus & Adonis
Sat 16 Midlands EMF Schein for singer and players (Peter Syrus) caitlin*
Sat 16 North West EMF Handel & Bononcini (David Vickers)
16-17 Southern EMF Headcorn, Kent. Weekend workshop on Monteverdi Vespers. More details later (Philip Thorby) jennyfrost*
17-22 Andrew van der Beek. Singing in Venice (Robert Hollingworth)
Sat 23 Benslow Music Trust. Practical harpsichord tuning workshop (Andrew Wooderson)
25-28 Benslow Music Trust. Gregorian chant for all (John Rowlands-Pritchard)
MAY 2016
6-8 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque performance on modern stringed instruments (Judy Tarling)
6-8 Benslow Music Trust. Preludes & Fugues: a harpsichord course (Penelope Cave)
Sat 7 Border Marches EMF Music of the Chapel Royal (Huw Williams)
13-15 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & Viols (Alison Crum & Peter Syrus)
13-15 Benslow Music Trust. West Gallery Music (Francis Roads)
Sat 14 Thames Valley EMF/EEMF Waltham Abbey. Music for a Bavarian Wedding by Striggio, Padovano and Lechner, for voices & instruments (Philip Thorby)
Sat 14 North West EMF Music from the golden age of Spain (Clive Walkley)
JUNE 2016
Sun 11 Border Marches EMF workshop. Dialogues of Sorrow - music for the death of Prince Henry (Gabriel Crouch)
13-16 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque String Orchestra (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Alastair Ross)
Sun 18 North West EMF Clemens non Papa (Stephen Rice)
19-25 Andrew van der Beek. Monteconero music party for invited singers (Eamonn Dougan)
Sat 25 Thames Valley EMF David Allinson (TBC nearer the date)
26-2 Andrew van der Beek. Music at Monteconero (Patrick Craig)
10-15 Benslow Music Trust. International viol summer school (Alison Crum, Ibi Aziz, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland)
16 Thames Valley EMF Oxford Quaker Meeting House. Workshop for voices & instruments (Patrick Allies) treasurer*
24-30 Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire. Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals, strings etc (Philip Thorby and David Hatcher) (01989 218432/01452 68) earlymusic*
30-6 Durham. NORVIS XLV. Classes for recorder, viol, lute, harpsichord, solo singing and baroque strings for students of all ages and experience. Wide variety of ensemble work, including choir and baroque orchestra: concerts and lecture-recitals. Generous bursaries available enquiries*; tel Jane Beeson 01652 678230
14-20 Andrew van der Beek. England. Monteverdi: 1610 Vespers (JanJoost van Elsburg)
4-9 Andrew van der Beek. Trogir (Croatia) Music Week (Erik Van Nevel)
Sun 11 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (James Weeks) secretary*
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