Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gat hering software. Information on course and event venues
12-14 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & viols (Alison Crum & Peter Syrus)
Sat 13 Eastern EMF/Thames Valley EMF joint event for voices and appropriate instruments including continuo. Large-scale music by Orazio Benevoli (1605-1672) to include at least the Gloria from the Missa Tira Corda in 16 parts and the Dixit Dominus (Philip Thorby) ebsarewitz*
Sat 13 North West EMF Morley Green. Medieval workshop (Rachel Davies)
Sat 13 North East EMF Spanish Ladies (James Weeks)
Sun14 St John's Smith Square 10.30am -1pm. Sing Baroque. Selected choruses from Monteverdi’s Vespers and Handel’s Jephtha (Robert Howarth)
Sat 20 South West EMF Corsham. Josquin & Brumel for singers (William Carslake)
Mon 22 London, St Sepulchre, 7-9.30pm. Renaissance Singers open workshop. The Three Amigos musical friendship & influence in Renaissance Andalucia (Greg Skidmore)
22-25 Benslow Music Trust. Venetian Music for voices & brass (Peter Bassano & Jeremy West)
26-28 Benslow Music Trust. Now is the Month of Maying early European part songs (Sara Stowe)
Sat 27 Southern EMF Challock, Kent. “Oranges and Clemens” - a view of the Hapsburg empire through the eyes of Clemens non Papa, Morales, Cotes, Guerrero, Charles V, and Phillip II (Will Dawes)
Sat 27 Beverley Early Music Festival. Patrick Craig directs a one day workshop on music from manuscripts of Petrus Alamire. Tenors particularly welcome.
Sat 27 North East EMF morning workshop. The siege of York, for singers (Rachel Davies)
28-1 Halsway Manor. Whitsun voices, viols & recorders QuadQuotes*
29-1 Hawkwood College. Artist residency for singers, for advanced students and young professionals (Emma Kirkby and David Miller)
Sat 3 North West EMF Lancaster Priory. Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 (Justin Doyle)
Sat 3 Midlands EMF Loughborough. Workshop for voices on Hieronymus Praetorius (Andrew Carwood)
4-11 Run by Singers. A week long course in Krakow, Poland exploring delicious sacred music linked by the theme of food and drink! Tenors particularly welcome (Patrick Craig)
Sat 10 North East EMF Garforth, nr Leeds. Large-scale music for voices & instruments from renaissance Italy & Spain (Clive Walkley)
11-17 Andrew van der Beek Monteconero (JanJoost van Elsburg)
Sat 17 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham. Isaac workshop for singers (Don Greig) membershipsecretary*
Sat 17 South West EMF Thornbury, S. Gloucestershire. A Polychoral tour of Europe for voices & instruments (Alison Kinder)
17-24 Run by Singers. Early Music in Antwerp for more advanced singers (David Skinner)
Sat 24 Southern EMF Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath. 'O sing unto the Lord a new song', sacred music by Schein. Workshop for voices and instruments (Peter Syrus)
Sun 25 Border Marches EMF Leominster. 18th Century Pleasure Gardens workshop for singers and instrumentalists (Steven Devine and Kate Semmens)
25-2 Triora Musica. Broken Consorts for viols, plucked strings, soft winds including recorders, singers (Alison Kinder)
26-29 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque string orchestra (A=415) (Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Robin Bigwood)
30-2 Knuston Hall. 16th C Italian madrigals for singers & instruments (Peter Syrus)
30-2 Hawkwood College. Monteverdi Madrigals (Robert Hollingworth)
Sun 2 Llandrindod Wells. Baroque dance workshop for dancers and instrumentalists (Ricardo Barros) edavies*
Sat 8 South West EMF Renaissance Polyphony: a Singers’ Study Day (Peter Leech)
8-16 Triora Musica Early Opera Week
8-16 Warsaw 24th International Summer Academy of Early Music
10-12 Benslow Music Trust. Trio Sonatas with De Camera (A=415)
10-14 Run by Singers. Barcelona (Jeremy Jackson)
10-14 Mechelen, Belgium. Osiris summer academy for historic brass, strings, voices & continuo
Sat 15 Ickenham United Reformed Church. Motets from the Bach and beyond for voices & instruments A=440 (Peter Syrus)
Sat 15 Eastern EMF Oranges & Clemens polyphony singing day (Patrick Allies) (new date and conductor)
Sat 15 Platinum Consort Choral Workshops. Purcell Funeral Sentences
16-21 Benslow Music Trust. International Viol Summer School
Sat 22 Midlands EMF Warwick. Baroque Band A=415. Lully & Charpentier (Steven Devine)
Sat 22 North East EMF Medieval music workshop (Rebeca Austen-Brown)
22-30 Triora Musica. The Nuns of Ferrara & Verona (Laurie Stras & Deborah Roberts)
23-29 Gloucester, Wotton House, Horton Road GL1 3PT. Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals, recorders, strings etc. “Holy Week” (Philip Thorby & David Hatcher) (01989 218432/01452 668592) earlymusic*
25-29 Lythe, North Yorkshire Coast. Lythe Chamber Music Summer Course with Ensemble DeNOTE for students, teachers & amateur musicians grade 6 upwards. Individual tuition on fortepiano, harpsichord, clavichord; early woodwinds and strings & Keyboard maintenance sessions with Johannes Secker (John Irving, Jane Booth etc) Admin*
29-5 NORVIS XLVII. NORVIS is an annual week-long early music summer course in Durham. We specialise in viols, recorders, lutes, baroque strings, harpsichord and voices, and cover a wide range of repertoire from early renaissance to late baroque
29-5 Dartington Summer School week 1. Florentine Intermedi etc
30-2 Hawkwood College. Monteverdi Madrigals (Robert Hollingworth)
30-6 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School. The Monteverdi Legacy: Venetian music from Monteverdi to Vivaldi (Peter Holman & The Parley of Instruments)
5-12 Run by Singers Assisi summer school Renaissance polyphony (David Skinner)
5-12 Dartington Summer School week 2. Baroque music etc
6-12 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School. Made in Venice: Willaert, de Rore, Ganassi & Bassano, masters of the 16th century (Philip Thorby and Friends)
6-13 Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, Lancs BB7 9PZ. Historical Dance & Music summer school. Theatre, Ball & Country Dances of the 18thC and their Music. Also 2-day option at the beginning of the week for the dance classes (Ricardo Barros, Kimiko Okamoto, Anne Daye). Baroque instrumental course A=415 (Ibi Aziz)
11-13 Hawkwood College. Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 for singers (Gavin Carr)
12-19 Irish recorder & Viol Course Ibi Aziz, Marion Doherty, Pamela Flanagan, Emma Murphy, Marion Scott, Philip Thorby)
13-18 Andrew van der Beek Ludlow summer school for singers (Eamonn Dougan with Greg Skidmore)
13-19 Higham Hall Early Music Summer School (017687 76276) info*
13-20 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham nr Reading. Baroque Week chamber music summer school (mainly A=415) “Rameau’s Revolution” plus chamber music from any country. (Theresa Caudle, Jane Francis, Chris Bucknall, Ann Allen, Rachel Latham, Satoko Doi-Luck & Amanda Babington) mail*
14-17 Benslow Music Trust. Dancing in Restoration England
14-17 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque on modern instruments
14-17 Benslow Music Trust. Madrigal and partsong summer school
14-18 Historically Informed Summer School 2017 Bishop Burton College, near Beverley, East Yorkshire
14-19 Higham Hall Early Music Summer School, Cumbria.
18-20 Benslow Music Trust. John Playford in the 21st Century
18-18 Consort de Dance baroque summer school in Cardiff (Philippa Waite)
Sun 20 Benslow Music Trust. John Playford dance day
23-24 London, Lauderdale House N6 5HG. Rameau Academy French Baroque choral course for advanced amateur singers (Rob Howarth of the OAE, and others) info*
22-24 London, Lauderdale House N6 5HG. Rameau Academy French baroque performance course for instrumentalists and singers, advanced amateurs or professionals. A=415 (Rob Howarth of the OAE, and others) info*
Sun 27 Benslow Music Trust. Natural horn day for beginners (Anneke Scott)
29-31 Benslow Music Trust. London piano school, exploring earliest English repertoire (Penelope Cave)
1-3 St Catharine's College, Cambridge. Choral Liturgy weekend course studying Palestrina: Missa Tertia, Morales: O sacrum convivium and Cardoso: Mulier quae erat in civitate, to be sung at the Sunday Eucharist service in the College Chapel. Places currently available for altos, tenor and bass. (David Allinson). Contact Eleanor Thompson*
2-9 Triora Musica. From Fayrfax to Taverner for singers (Deborah Roberts)
7-10 Medieval Music in the Dales
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Harmoniemusik with Boxwood and Brass
8-10 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque (Theresa Caudle & Alastair Ross)
Sat 9 Thames Valley EMF Singing and playing from facsimile for beginners and those with a little experience, for voices, viols and recorders (Alison Kinder)
Sat 9 South West EMF West Bay. Workshop for voices & instruments
Sat 9 Border Marches EMF Josquin and his contemporaries for voices & instruments (Peter Syrus)
Sat 16 Midlands EMF Selly Oak. Purcell: King Arthur for voices & instruments (John Hancorn)
Sun 17 Eastern EMF (Peter Holman)
17-22 Andrew van der Beek in Jimena de la Frontera, Spain (Robert Hollingworth)
18-21 Benslow Music Trust. Monteverdi’s sacred music (William Carslake, Theresa Caudle)
18-21 Benslow Music Trust. Lue song ((Jacob Herringman, John Potter)
Sat 23 Southern EMF Clapham & Patching, Worthing. Missa Ego flos campi by Padilla and other Mexican music. Workshop for voices and instruments. (Patrick Craig)
Sat 23 South West EMF workshop for voices & instruments on music of the Thirty Years War (Gawain Glenton)
30-1 Tallis Festival (new date) info*
30-2 Benslow Music Trust. Singing and Acting Handel (Dionysios Kyropoulos, Andrew Radley)
Sun 1 Saltaire, Early Music Shop. Flanders Recorder Quartet workshops, masterclasses, ensemble and private lessons. Concert on the Saturday
6-8 Eastern EMF weekend (Philip Thorby)
Sat 14 South West EMF Baroque playing day (Sylvia Davies)
Sat 14 Platinum Consort Choral Workshop. Victoria, Palestrina, Croce, Philips (men’s voices only)
Sat 14 Midlands EMF Dorridge. The Noodle Factory (improvisation) (Paula Chateauneuf)
Sun 15 Border Marches EMF Stockenny, New Radnor. Lotti Mass and Dixit Dominus, for voices and instruments (Justin Doyle)
Sat 21 Thames Valley EMF St Andrews Church Centre, Ealing. De Wert for singers (Will Dawes) n.wilson-smith*
25-29 Run by Singers. The Glory of Venice
13-16 Benslow Music Trust. Harpsichord accompaniment figuring it out (Robin Bigwood)
17-19/20 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting Viols (Alison Crum, Roy Marks, Ibi Aziz, Peter Wendland)
24-26 Hawkwood College. Recorder weekend for experienced players (Piers Adams)
Sat 25 Southern EMF workshop for voices & instruments (Andrew Griffiths)
Sat 16 Platinum Consort Choral Workshops. JS Bach Christmas Oratorio
Sun 17 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby) secretary*
28-2 Andrew van der Beek in Ambleside winter school
28-4 Andrew van der Beek Singing at Castara in Tobago (Justin Doyle)
MARCH 2018
Sat 24 South West EMF West Bay. Workshop for voices & instruments (Matt Kingston)
MAY 2018
12 Border Marches EMF David Skinner on the Anne Boleyn Songbook
Sat 2 Midlands EMF Leamington Spa. Christmas music for voices & instruments (Alison Kinder)
Sun 16 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Patrick Craig) secretary*
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