Humorous extracts from Tamesis

Tamesis is the Magazine of the Thames Valley Early Music Forum and is published monthly.
In addition to the extracts available here it contains concerts and events lists

The Fretted Blasthorn Revisited April 1996
Global Flattening April 1998
Book and Music Reviews April 1999
Tips for Those New to Early Music April 2000
Some Novelty Pieces Reviewed April 2001
Intermedio VII from 1589 October 2001
A Musical Discovery April 2002
Obscure taxes April 2003
Book reviews April 2004
The Catholic Mass in Macao April 2005
Silence is GoldenWorkshop to study the rest in early music, April 2012

Limericks Dec 2002

The most telling rest
in early music is one
that's played on a shawm.

DF 22nd August 2012