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TVEMF exists to encourage the singing and playing of early music by both amateurs and professionals and currently has over 300 members.   The area we officially cover includes Greater London and Oxford and the counties in between, but we have members from all over southern England and even some who live outside the UK.

TVEMF organises early music workshops and events, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter containing articles, reviews and news of forthcoming events, as well as concert and event listings.

TVEMF events are open

to everyone.  See our current programme of events in the Thames Valley area.

Why not become a member and enjoy reduced rates at our TVEMF events and at other early music forum events.

Members receive the TVEMF newsletter,

 Tamesis, in odd-numbered months.

Next Event

Saturday, 26 November 2022

10.30 for 11am - 5.30pm

Live Event - Northwood

Dunstaple and his contemporaries

for singers ATB

Rory McCleery

Next Event

Sunday, 18 December 2022

10:30 for 11am-5.30pm

Live Event - Amersham

The Mystical Marriage - a workshop for the Christmas season - with music by Teodoro Riccio (En Caeli et Terrae Connubia Mystica), Melchior Frank and Andrea Gabrieli

for singers and appropriate instruments

Philip Thorby