Online Events

As a result of the Covid outbreak a number of online events have become available. They should be in the full country wide list but here is a quick, at-a-glance view.


Sat 14 MEMF 10am Sing the Score Extra

Sat 14 John Hancorn and Richard Wigmore 4pm.  Christmas Oratorio sing and play 415

Wed 18 The Sixteen 7.30 A Choral Odyssey: Sheppard & Davy

Thur 19 NEEMF John Bryan.  Where do you want me to sit?

Fri 20 MEMF Patrick Craig.  Bach and Handel 

Fri 20 Platinum 7pm.  Mouton: Nesciens Mater

Sat 21 at 2.30 Vasari Singers Spem

Sat 21 Lisete da Silva 3pm masterclass on Handel flute & recorder sonatas

24 BMEMF 7.30 David Allinson.  Workshop for singers

Wed 25 The Sixteen 7.30 A Choral Odyssey: Guerrero

Thurs 26 SEMF Alison Kinder.  How to play from late 16th C facsimile 

Fri 27 Platinum 7pm.  Gabrieli: Hodie 

Sat 28 NWEMF David Allinson.  Gradualia for Advent

Sat 28 MEMF Sing the Score Extra



Thurs 3   SEMF Alison Kinder.  How to play from late 16th C facsimile 2

Fri 4 Platinum 7pm.  Byrd: Lullaby my sweet little baby

Sat 5 SWEMF 2.30 Early music chat

Fri 11 Platinum 7pm. Praetorius: Angelus ad Pastores

Sat 12 MEMF Sing the Score Extra 11am

Mon 14 TVEMF Andrew Griffiths.  Christmas music by Hassler etc (sing, play, explore, listen)

Wed 16 NEEMF David Allinson.  Mouton and Verdelot

Fri 18 Platinum 7pm.  Renaissance Christmas.  The 4 motets plus carols

Sun 20 MEMF Patrick Craig 8pm. Epiphany Part I:  Gifts and Stars 

Mon 21 Renaissance Singers 7pm.  David Allinson live online Christmas event

Tues 22 BMEMF David Hatcher 7.30-9 (Singers/instruments)



Tues 5   SEMF David Allinson. On the theme of Epiphany

Thurs 14 TVEMF/EEMF Patrick Craig 7.30. Epiphany Part II: Journeys and Dreams 

Sat 16 MEMF 11am.  Rory McCleery (of the Marian Consort) exploring the legacy of Jean Mouton's Quaeramus cum pastoribus (this may replace SingTheScore Extra for that week if it’s still going).

Thurs 21 BMEMF 7.30 David Allinson

Sat 23 John Hancorn and Richard Wigmore 4pm.  Handel Messiah sing and play 415



Tues 2 MEMF Jeffrey Skidmore (of Ex Cathedra) with A South American Adventure.

Tues 9 TVEMF 7.30 John Bryan

Thurs 11 BMEMF 7.30 -9pm for instruments.  Ali Kinder compares and contrasts settings of ‘Susanne Un Jour’.

Thurs 18 SEMF Patrick Craig.  Ash Wednesday 

Sat 27 John Hancorn and Richard Wigmore 4pm.  Bach St Matthew Passion sing and play 415



Thurs 4 TVEMF David Allinson

Thurs 11 BMEMF 7.30-9 Lizzie Gutteridge (Instruments)

Mon 29 TVEMF Patrick Craig 8pm Stabat Mater 


TVEMF date tbc Patrick Craig Melodramatic Motets programme exploring the artistic inspirations behind the vivid music of Giaches de Wert. 


Regular Events

The Telling Wednesday evenings

The Telling Carols every Friday at 11am from 13th Nov to 18th December

David Allinson Lunchtime Live every Friday at 1pm

Stile Antico 4 Sunday evenings starting 25 October but available for 3 months

SWEMF are hosting 'Early music chat' on the first Saturday of each month, alternating mornings and afternoons

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